Frequently Asked Questions


Q How often should I bath my dog?

 A - Dogs shouldn’t be bathed more than once every 2-3 weeks. Shampoo can strip the natural oil from a dog’s coat and could cause skin problems in future. 

Q Do you offer Flea Treatments?

 A - Yes, should you suspect your dog has fleas we do offer a Flea treatment which is applied whilst in the bath. Once this has been done you will need to see your vets to update any regular treatments.

Q Can you brush my dog’s teeth?

 A - No. Teeth brushing is better taking care of by a vet as they will be able to tell you of any underlying issues. 

Q My dog is matted, what should I do?

 A - We can attempt to take out some mats however we will not continue de-matting for longer than 15 minutes as removing mats can be stressful and in some cases painful. It is sometimes safer to shave the fur down to start a cut fresh, we will always talk to you about this before doing anything.


Q Can I bring my own shampoo?

 A - Absolutely, We have a range of hypo-allergenic shampoo however some dogs require medicated shampoo (prescribed by a vet) or just one they are used to so we are more than happy to use your own.

Q It's my puppies first time, what's involved"

A - We would give you and your puppy a consultation to walk you through the whole process, most owners do wish to stay on the first visit so just let us know if you prefer tea or coffee while you wait.

Any further questions please contact us.